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Ok, another list…

just want to get a point across.

In my region, it is called POP. Some call it soda.

Some call it soda pop. Some call it sodypop. Tell me some other names please.

Ahhhh that by any other name would smell as sweet. I wish.

But, guys, guess what? Pop is flavored sugar water( 10 tsp. at least)

with no nutrients, hidden calories and poisonous combinations contained in a 12 oz. can.

Here are

10 Reasons to Give It up (NOW)

1) Pop makes you age faster because of its dehydrating qualities. It promotes a condition called chronic cellular dehydration where your cells lack proper hydration. This makes your body acidic–the primo environment to grow disease.

2) You can gain weight drinking soda pop. It causes heightened cravings for carbs.

3) Obesity has been linked to drinking massive quantities of soda pop. Hidden calories…you don’t realize the caloric intake with every sip of pop.

4) Soda pop promotes tooth decay. All that acid in your mouth has an incredibly harmful effect on enamel. If you sip on a can of pop over the course of an hour, your mouth will stay acidic for another 90 minutes.

5 ) Soda pop has been proven to cause osteoporosis. The high concentration of phosphoric acid without the presence of calcium or magnesium, depletes the bones of calcium. Studies are showing with the steady increase in soda pop consumption and consuming massive amounts on a daily basis, osteoporosis will increase to epidemic proportions in the years to come.

6) Soda pop lowers your immune system. Up to four or five hours after consuming a can of pop, your white blood cells have a lowered ability to kill bacteria.

7) Soda pop makes your mouth acidic which encourages the growth of bacteria and thus, cavities.

8) The caffeine in soda pop can cause nervousness, restlessness, inability to concentrate, and insomnia.

9) Aspartame, Splenda and Nutrisweet are categorized as neurotoxins and ever present in diet soda pop. When consumed in large quantities attacks nervous system resulting in aches pains, brain tumors, seizures.

10) Like smoking, soda pop is addictive. The caffeine, the sugar, the bubbles, the combination of chemicals makes you crave more and more and more.

For one can of pop, you have to drink twenty-two glasses of water to counterbalance and flush out the negative effects and bring balance back to your body. Wow. All I can say is…

Drink water! Drink every hour. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…your cells will be happy you did.


Comments on: "Poison Soda Pop–10 Reasons to Give It Up" (9)

  1. Kevin Bell said:

    Nice move to new blog site. Keep in touch.

  2. i just poured out my coke as i read 10 reason,im going natural ive had it will the processed poision,im going to make a change,,

  3. i was drinking 2 smaller bottles of dr.pepper,soda,a day.and was feeling weaker & in pain,more each day.and my knees where,almost couldn’t walk at all, growing more & more painful (even totally more at night.when laying down)& age is 59.but enjoyed the taste.and was thinking how could this be from soda.but my daughter,& a friend was a poison to some people.
    and my mind was slowing down clouding up,& forgetting things.having the feeling old age was coming on to0 fast….laugh if you will…i did,myself…
    and i told my children what i was with one of my daughters telling me to stop the sodas,i did.and drink water,and juice.
    and each day i was moving better.little by little.getting up easier.walking with less after a week & a half.i’m much better.and my mind is much more clearer,then i
    less pain,in my body,knees.less pain at night.
    and yes i had read some information my friend had sent me online before stopping the dr.pepper.about soda poisoning,and it acting like MS….I did think on this a long time.(i said no-way)but again,laugh if you will.
    but i know how i’m feeling now.and my mind is not cloudy….
    this may help others to wake-up & try to do something to help them with the same feelings.
    thanks for reading my little story…

  4. ken part 2 said:

    in my last fix line 8.
    my daughter & a friend was telling me, soda is like a poison to some people.

    and again it was like i was having the on-set to MS.
    good-day,all of you.bye…

  5. If it’s so dangerous, you have to wonder why they keep it on the market. Are they just really greedy, really psychopathic, or both. I ran out of Pepsi yesterday and am reading these sites to try to wean myself off if at all possible. I’ve even wondered if soda has ties to the OCCULT. :O

    • The short answer to that is “YES” very possible!!
      (I am not trying to be funny either).

  6. Christine said:

    I have had significant soda over the years. I have been very overweight and at 50 I was still addicted. A month ago, with the help of a new water enhancer called MIO, I gave up soda. While I lost 54 pounds this year, I am feeling much better for having given up soda. My good friend encourages me. She calls soda Croak Soda and says for 6000 pop tops you can get a coffin. She says it’s poison and she is right.

  7. I drank EPSI(Regular) for OVER 20 years DAIILY,I wouldnt driink water JUST Pepsii and now that I am 41 I realiized that I was SO siick ALL the tiime because of the Pepsii….IF they would of put somethiin on the can liike wiill cause U 2 FEEL LIIKE ABSOLUTE SHIT!!! I wuld of NEVER drank iit now IF I have a Pepsii as a treat iit just makes me siik and then iim “Sufferiin” Soda(anykiind) IS very addiictiive I STOPPED cold turkey one day and by that day I was driinkiin PEPSII as well as Mtn Dew Red I was VERY siick I had Diiarrhea Daiily & wuld get horriible bladder iinfectiion from the D caused by driinkiin Pepsii….Its just NOT worth iit I know iits HARD beliiev me but jut STOP driinkiin ANY soda 4 a month and see HOW you feel…..Hope everyone feels ok iim stiill aliive just dont know WHY? SODA WIILL KIILL U EVENTUALLY +(

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